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Industries we serve

Semiconductor Test & Electronic Components

Military, Defense & Aerospace

Medical Device & Equipment Manufacturing

Engineering Services, Design & Prototyping

Technology, Computer & Electronic Product Manufacturing

Scientific & Laboratory Equipment R&D / Manufacturing

Maxcam specializes in machining low-volume production and prototype high-precision components for applications across a wide range of industries, including:

• Semiconductor Test and Electronic Components
• Military, Defense and Aerospace
• Technology, Computer and Electronic Product Manufacturing
• Scientific & Laboratory Equipment R&D/Manufacturing
• Prototyping

Our team of highly specialized machinists takes on the most demanding designs using the most challenging mediums—creating custom-made production-grade machine-tooled parts with extremely close tolerances. We also are able to machine OEM products quickly and efficiently to minimize the impacts on production schedules.

In addition to expert Vespel machining, we are able to fabricate components to your specification using other engineered thermoplastic materials and metals, including but not limited to:

• Semitrom
• Ultem
• Torlon
• Aluminum
• Stainless steel
• Brass
• Copper
• Titanium

Using the industry’s top CNC milling and turning machines, our quality-assured fabrication processes guarantee repeatable results you can rely on. Look to Maxcam for machined components designed for:

• Medical machines and devices
   o MRI/Cath Lab components
   o Microfluidics

• Consumer electronics
   o Semiconductor Chip Testing Sockets
   o Custom Connectors
   o Lid Frames, Latches and Handles

• Military
   o Radar Arrays
   o Satellite Components

• Research and development
   o Oil and Gas, Electronics and Academic Test Components

• Optoelectronics
   o Camera frame components
   o Lens holding components

Maxcam was founded in 1998 by semiconductor professionals to address the close tolerance and short lead-time requirements for industry components like semiconductor test sockets used in computer chip production. The skills, expertise and processes developed over the last quarter-century result in industry-leading quality and craftsmanship across applications.

It is our mission to offer our customers exceptional value by delivering a high-quality product, on time and at a fair price. To that end, we anticipate the needs of the industries we serve and push the envelope in technology, process and material ingenuity before our customers even know they need it.

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