think big

go small

the advantages of working with our small machine shop 

“Real growth is about reaching full potential, not maximum size. It means progress, not excess; it is fueled by imagination, not expansion.”

—Robert Tomasko, scholar and author of Bigger Isn’t Always Better

At Maxcam we also believe that bigger isn’t always better.

Our small team of highly trained professionals are experts in precision machining and prototype development, able to anticipate the needs of the industries we serve by bringing technology, process and material ingenuity to every project—resulting in consistent, high-quality results. Here are a few other benefits to working with our small precision machine shop:
  • High degree of accountability and employee investment
  • Superior attention to detail and precision
  • Quick turnaround times at lower costs
  • Individualized customer service

High degree of accountability and employee investment

Accountability is one of the biggest benefits of working with our small machine shop. Our team is highly invested in the success of every project we take on—ensuring that work is done right within the timeframe required.

Superior attention to detail and precision

A limited number of highly trained professionals is involved in each project—eliminating miscommunication and ensuring that every part is machined  to spec, resulting in high-quality components delivered with the greatest efficiency.

Quick turnaround times at lower costs

Each project undergoes design review, programming validation, in-process checks and non-contact vision system inspection to deliver the exact part required within the shortest amount of time. The efficiencies built into our systems also allow for overall cost savings, which we pass on to our customers.

Individualized customer service

Our customers turn to us for custom and OEM parts because our highly specialized team is able to complete each product quickly and efficiently. Our customers return to us because of our commitment to personalized customer service. We stay in touch during every step of the machining process to ensure that the part you receive is exactly what you need. The Maxcam team is committed to offering our customers exceptional value by delivering high-quality components on time and at a fair price. To learn more, send an email or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.

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